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Within our Digital Learning Center (DLC) for the Gifted, we offer a variety of technology resources to further enhance the learning experience. The DLC provides students with a cross-curricular exploration which will take students through the 7th and 8th grade English, science and social studies standards. We are proud that we have achieved maximum enrollment within the DLS program with a comprehensive waiting list the past three school years.

Career & Technical Education

Through our Career & Technical Department, students at SRMS have opportunities to explore a variety of electives that give them a well-rounded education. We offer Culinary Arts, Gen Yes, Keyboarding, Applied Technology, computer Applications and Yearbook. 

Our Gen Yes program allows students to become leaders on campus as technology assistants. They work with students and staff as tech support to help solve problems and create new ways to use technology.

Our Culinary Arts class gives students the opportunity to explore a culinary career path. Students work in a hands-on environment that allows collaboration and a fun learning experience.

State of the Art Science Lab

Our new science lab offers students a professional quality laboratory experience. With 18 lab tables, 9 per room, students have access to a wide range of scientific exploration. The lab can be used as one large lab, or can be divided into two smaller labs. This allows students more opportunities to get into the lab and learn through a hands-on experience. Each lab table has faucets, electricity, and room to explore.


SRMS is focused on the 21st-century learner. Our commitment to technology is evident as you walk around our campus. Our Media Center houses a Chromebook lab that allows students to conduct research. We also offer a technology course that empowers students to use technology and think collaboratively. In the Spring of 2015, we opened a new computer lab that is the home for our technology elective. 

As a Google Apps school, Sunrise has 4 mobile Chromebook carts for teachers to use in their classrooms. These carts allow teachers to implement technology standards into their classroom on a regular basis. In addition, Sunrise is currently in a Schoolwide 1:1 Chromebook pilot, offering each student their own Chromebook. 

Offering cutting edge technology is a trademark of SRMS. Within our Digital Learning Center we also offer Telepresence. This technology allows students to take virtual field trips and communicate in real-time with students all over the world.

Honors Curriculum

Our commitment to challenge students academically is evident in our variety of honors and gifted programs. For years we have offered Honors English and advanced math classes. Beginning in 2012, SRMS began offering honors classes in Social Studies and Science. With these courses, in addition to our Digital Learning Center for the Gifted, students have opportunities to prepare for high school advanced placement courses. Our honors classes are taught with 21st-century skills in mind. We focus on technology, collaborative based projects, and above all promote creativity. We offer a comprehensive list of honors and advanced courses.